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Purpose / Use:-

 Academic Master is basic master


No Pr-Requisite


Management – Masters (Management) – Academic Masters

How to access:-

1. Academic Year

  • Academic Year shows current year status and it is reflected in all academicerp users

  • Add current academic year with start and end date

  • Tick on Current academic year and save it

2. Semester Date

  • Semester Date is added after academic year update. It is useful for attendance module

  • Click on “Action” button

  • Add semester date with start and end date

  • Save it

3. Subject Master

There are two types of master

  1. Assign Subject Hierarchy :- Here you can set hierarchy of subject for a particular standard.

  • Go to Management – Master – Academic Master – Subject Master – Assign Subject Hierarchy

  • Select Standard, Subject Type, Elective

  • Give Priority Subject wise

  • Save it

            2.Subject Configuration:-

  • Here standard wise subject displaying

  • You can assign subject hierarchy(priority and subject type) and configuration

  • Set subject as per standard required


4.Topic Master

  • Topic is added for academic scheduler

  • Topic Master is used to create scheduler,question bank , paper and so


5. Exam Type Master

  • Exam type is showing exam tittle in “Create Exam”


6. Weekday Planner

  • Weekday planner is added for timetable and attendance planning

  • Select user type and click on “show” button

  • Select week planner according to school needed


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