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Member Management

💡 How to view student personal and academic details?

Go to ‘Management’ menu, it will take you to ‘Student Details’ page where you can search students for personal,academic and physical details as shown in the screenshot.

💡 How the elective/optional group Works? How to assign students to an elective/optional Subject?

All the students will be having some subjects in common (normal/core subjects) and some subjects to opt from (elective / optional subject). Core subjects are applicable to all the students in a class but elective subjects added under an elective group can be assigned to students as per prefer to take that subject. Here you have assign individual elective group out of subject list.

💡 I have spelling mistake in my student name. How to change name of student?

Go to student profile, there is personal details shows detail name of student. You can change it.

💡 I am a teacher, I am not able to view my teacher standard. Why?

A teacher can view only assigned standards, only when he/she is associated with a subject. To assign a subject to a particular teacher, go for subject allocation in teacher/faculty page.

💡 Is it possible to change division of student?

Yes. You can change student division according to your preferences in ‘shuffle division’. Please check roll no after changes of division.

Academic Configuration

💡 How to access academic configuration?

We can make the basic configuration of the school/college from academic configuration module which included syllabus/course, medium, stream, section, standard, semester, subject, shift, division. Your  school/college account worked upon your basic  settings here.

💡 What is use of management (Master)?

Master enables basic information like the preferred academic master which included semester date, week plan, holiday and general master which included doc type category, designation, visitor type. All the basic information can be clubbed at a single place using this feature. This will be applicable to all the schools created under school/college account only. General Master is basic master.

 💡 I have to give additional module permission to supervisor/principal/HOD. Is it possible through system?


 Import data

💡 How can add student, parents and staff into system?


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