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Purpose / Use:-

This is First step to start academicerp account


Management – Masters (management) – Academic Masters – Academic Year


Management – Master (management) – Academic Configuration

How to access:-

  • Refresh the page

  • Go to left side top select new academic year and click “OK” button

  • Now go to academic configuration location

  • Make selection by tick on check box

  • Step 1: Select “Syllabus/Course” and “Medium” details

  • Step 2: Select “Section” and “Stream” details

  • Step 3: Select “Standard” and “Semester” for each standard of school

  • Step 4: Select “Subject” for each standard

  • Step 5: Select standard wise “Division”  and define “Shift”

  • Step 6: displaying configuration from step 1 to step 5 “syllabus-medium-section- stream-standard-semester- division-shift” as per tick selection

  • Please cross verify selected configuration in this step and confirm it by click on “Finish” button to save academicerp Configuration settings

  • Wait until configuration data saved successfully

Academic Confi 9

Academic Configuration Caution

  • It is one time process (Year wise)

  • Only school/College login has permission

  • Every School/College has own academic configuration

  • After click on FINISH button, wait till process is done

  • Configuration can check by Academic Configuration report

  • You can download  the Academic Configuration report by Export excel

  • If you want to add new details, contact to academicerp office


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