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Guidelines for Monthly Staff Attendance Report

Purpose / Use:-

Here you can view month wise staff attendance report in two ways:

  1.  Attendance

  2.  Punch time


Payroll – Attendance – Staff Attendance

Payroll – Attendance – Staff Attendance (Excel Import)


Payroll – Attendance – Monthly Staff Attendance Report

How to access:-

Manual Attendance report

  • Select department, month/year and from-to date

  • Click on “show” button

  • Here Holiday is displaying as “H” alphabet with green color

  • If employee is absent and leave application added then it is displaying as “L” or “0.5” with red color


Punch time Attendance Report

  • Select punch time button to view report


  • If you want to view absent report then tick on “Show absent only” button

  • You can also download it into excel, pdf and word


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