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Guidelines for Generate Payroll 

Purpose / Use:-

Generate Payroll is used to calculate selected month salary of employees based on their attendance, leaves, penalties, overtimes, arrears and deductions. Generated Detail can be modified and once confirmed has to be saved in order to view reports later on. Pay slips can also be generated from here


Back Office Payroll Pay Masters / Leave / Attendance


Back Office – Payroll – Payroll Reports – Generate Payroll

How to access:-

  • Select department, payroll Category, Month and Year, Start and end date

  • Click on “show” button 

  • Here you view payroll details as per pay structure, leaves and attendance



  • Click on “Print” button to view pay slip of employee

  • “Save” button use to save current month payroll details

  • “Print All” button can use to generate all pay slip under same payroll category

  • Here as you save category, hold button will be activated that can use to put employee’s salary on hold, resigned and forfeited

  • Employees coming under hold category displaying below payroll table

  • “Clear Saved data” button will unfreeze all saved data



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