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Guidelines For Payroll Structure

Purpose / Use:-

Here you can define pay structures based upon formulas and categories.


Back Office – Pay Masters – Payroll Category

Back Office – Pay Masters – Payroll Formula

Back Office – Pay Masters – Payroll Slab


Back Office – Pay Masters – Payroll Structure

 How to access:-

  • Select Payroll Category

  • Click on “view” button

  • Select payroll head and click on “Calculation(+)” button


  •  Select Field

    • There are two type (Open and Close)

    • Open field means payables to be added manually

    • Close field means payable added automatically according to payroll formulas

  • Select Pay Type

    • There are three pay type (Base, Allowance and Deduction)

    • Base is primary pay

    • Allowances are any addition in the payrate

    • Deduction is any cut down from the payrate.

  • Select Calculation Method

    • There are two type of calculation method (Daily and Monthly)

    • (CIDS)- Heads which are to be calculated on day to day basis

    • (CIMS)- Heads which are to be calculated on Monthly basis.

  • Select Formula box from below list and click on “Add(+)” button

  • Now click on “Update” button

  • You have to set calculation method for each pay head


  • Choose total payable days calculate on 30 or Actual Days and click on “update calculation method” button to update it

  • Generate payroll calculate payable days on selected calculation method

  • You can move pay serial number by click on “up – down” button, it defines pay head order in pay slip

  • You have to make payroll structure for each category

  • If you want to add new head then click on “Add head” button and follow the same process


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