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Guidelines For Waive off

Purpose / Use:-

Here you can do waive off adjustment for Late punch time, miss punch and early out penalty, set week off settlement and add overtime CL balance/arrears


Payroll – Pay Masters – Payroll Shift

Payroll – Attendance – Staff Attendance

Payroll – Attendance – Import Staff Attendance


 Back Office – Payroll – Waive off

 How to access:-

Waive off

  • Select department, designation, employee name and month/year

  • click on “show” button to view penalty


  • Tick on waive off check box to put off  penalties from pay-bill

  • Waive off status will be changed as per your waive off applications

Week off  Settlement

  • Click on (+) button to open week off settlement

  • Add set off date, select month/year, remarks and no. of casual leave day settlement

  • Save it

  • You can view week off entry in the grid

  • Here you can add CL balance against week off without set off date if you want to set overtime against week off

  • CL balance added in settlement month -year’s entitled leave

  • You can set 1 CL balance against 1 week off



  • Tick on overtime attendance date. You can choose multiple boxes

  • Here you have to add no. of casual leave for overtime and amount for arrears

  • Select month/year for overtime settlement and add remarks

  • Save it



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