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Guidelines for fees Masters

Purpose / Use:-

Fees is main part of academics. It is used to set full structure of fees



Trust Login – Finance – Fees – Master (Fees) – Fees Master Trust

Trust Login – Account – Head Master – Add Account Head



Finance – Fees – Master (Fees) – Fees Master


How to access:-

1. Fees Type Master

  • Click on Add New

  •  Select Fees type Head, which is already created in Trust account

  •  After select fees account head and Advance fees A/c, which is already created in trust account head

  •  Click on is Active? Check box

  •  After click on Save to Save Fees Type

2. Fees Group Master

  • Click on Add new to Create new fees group

  • Add new fees group

  • Select Gender category

  • Tick on “Active” box

  • Save it


3. Fees Concession Type

  • Click on “Add new”

  • Fill in the all fields

  • Click on “save” button


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