Academy – Task/Scheduler/WorkFlow – Academic Scheduler

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Guidelines for Academic Scheduler

Purpose / Use:-

Academy Scheduler is teacher’s planning diary

Teacher / Professor can schedule his/her coming weeks/months plan in the system helping them to have their online diary and can update and check their schedule completion status as well. As well get updates on non-completion of the same


Management – Master – Academic Master – Topic Master


Academy – Task/Scheduler/Work Flow – Academic Scheduler

How to access:-

  • Click on “Add New” button

  • Make academic Scheduler according to teaching in school

  • Select syllabus, section, standard, division, Subject

  • Give title, add description,Date start to finish

  • Select appropriate topic

  • Click on “Save” button

  • There is (edit and delete) button for changes

  • You cannot delete scheduler when status is completed


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