Marksheet Pre-requisites

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Guidelines For Mark sheet Pr-requisites


1)     Subject Master

Go to Examination – Exam Masters – Subject Master


2)    Subject Hierarchy & priority as per mark sheet order

Go to Examination – Exam Masters – Subject hierarchy Select Std. Give priority Save

3)    Student Subject Allocation

Go to Management – Subject Group – Select Std-Div – Tick on Subject or Select Subject Group – Apply to all


4)  Exam Type Master

Go to Examination – Exam Masters – Exam Type Master


5)     Create Exam in all standards

Go to Examination – Create Exam


6)    Create Paper properly in all subjects as standard-wise

Go to Examination – Create Exam/Crete Paper

7)    Create Marks in all papers of all subjects

Go to Examination – Add Result


8)     Grade Master entry

Go to Examination – Exam Masters – Institute Grade Masters 

1. Grades are to be defined standard wise(Scholastic & Co-scholastic) in the ratio of 100 marks

For i.e: –  81.00 – 100.00 > A+ grade

    65.00 – 79.99   > A grade

          51.00  – 64.99   >B+ grade

   35.00 – 50.99   > B grade

   0.00 – 34.99     > C grade

2. There is an option to select grade, marks or both for displaying it mark sheet.  You can select the appropriate option based on selected standard’s mark sheet

8)     Report card master reflect in mark sheet

Go to Examination – Report Card – Report Card Master


9)    Report card print page and tick all parameters using

Go to Examination – Report Card – Report Card print


10)  Report card remark displaying in mark sheet

Go to Examination – Report Card – Report Card Remark


11)  Report Card : There are below module also included into mark-sheet. Do needful for the same.

For i.e: –  1) Weekday Planner

    2) Holiday

    3) Attendance


12) Mark sheet Print page Settings

Go to Reports – Mark sheet – Mark sheet Print

  • Select Standard

  • Select mark sheet name

  • Select parameters to display in the mark sheet

  • Select and Check list of papers and total marks of all papers in selected exam

  • Check total marks. Please make sure that the total mark which is displayed does not include any papers that are not to be considered in mark sheet

  • Select subjects that are to be displayed in the mark sheet

  • Merge subjects if required giving display name for the same


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